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Who to meet?

Exploring the streets of Puerto Natales may surprise you and not only for its natural surroundings of snow-capped mountains and blue waters, but also for its culture and its people.


The inhabitants of Puerto Natales are kind people of a comfortable simplicity. It is not difficult to experience their southern way of life, from a short visit you will find many opportunities to meet and share with them. They will attract your attention for their particular southern accent and some typical Magellanic phrases in their conversations that you will never forget. In this environment of trust you will be able to learn about various aspects of their way of life such as the ancient techniques and resources used to build their homes and how the labor tasks typical of the countryside and livestock have transcended the city. Especially in gastronomy you’ll find a mixture of flavors from sourced from local cattle ranches, traditional seafood recipes from the people from Chiloé and more sophisticated recipes brought by foreign settlers. Undoubtedly, the culture of Natales is reflected in the work of its people. It can be transferred to your home through memories and the many images that you can capture walking through its streets and also acquiring a memory of local crafts.



We recommend you not to miss the following landmarks in Puerto Natales:

- The Singular - located at Costanera Av. Pedro Montt - 10 kilometers from Muelle de Pescadores (with its multi-colored boats in Puerto Natales) to the old Frigorífico Puerto Bories. This historic location is today converted into a 5-star Hotel “The Singulare”, inside you will find a site museum, and where you can learn more about the early days of Natales.

- Artisan Village or ‘Pueblito Artesanal’ (Ether Aike) located downtown, you can buy an authentic souvenirs made by the hands of a local artisan. You’ll find crafts made from sheep wool, leather, wood, among others, stand out.

- Mirador de la Cruz on Av. Santiago Bueras, here you can take a panoramic photo of the city and the Ultima Esperanza Fjord.

- Mural-Art of Phillipi Street, dedicated to the Native People of Southern Chile, tells the story of the Aonikenk and the Kaweskar

- Municipal Historical Museum, downtown Puerto Natales. This is a beautiful sample of the colonization of Ultima Esperanza and its native people. It is worth a visit as you can learn more about the history of the beautiful and historic place.

- Finish up with your tour at sunset at the dock ‘MUELLE BRAUN BLANCHARD’. Here you can take beautiful photographs of the Shags (Southern Cormorants), mountains and the remains of the old pier.

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