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Promote the development and growth of the tourism sector in a dynamic, proactive and representative way, through its financial, organizational and human development consolidation. Promote the implementation of policies and projects that contribute to generating favorable conditions for the defense of the interests of the associates.

Solid and recognized association of tourist entrepreneurs of Puerto Natales, consolidated, stable, safe and respectable, managing to be a facilitating channel for the achievement of the necessary conditions for the diffusion of the destination, quality of service and development of sustainable tourism.

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The Chamber of Tourism of Ultima Esperanza AG, was established on August 25, 1989, by a group of native-born entrepreneurs committed to the development of local tourism who saw an opportunity for development in tourism. In those years this trade association brought together various companies in the tourism sector that saw the need to channel concerns, strengthen strengths, set trends, overcome problems in an associative way (training, workshops, supplies, etc.), the above in order to maintain its validity in the market.


This tourism union based in Puerto Natales in its desire to contribute to both local and regional tourism development, through solidarity work and concerned about the organizational and business development of its associates, actively represents the tourism sector with its participation in networks of Public and private work channeling public support to improve the competitiveness of partner companies, to add value to their brands and converge in the improvement of the sector.


For a more coordinated action among its partners and to be able to better direct its work, the Chamber projects its actions in the short and long term for periods of 2 years, through a participatory planning of the Assembly and Board of Directors according to the period management.


The trade association had in its beginnings a total of 28 partners from different areas and currently reaches approximately 45 actively associated companies.

The idea of ​​creating this association was to unify criteria and collaborate with each other, clarifying doubts, always working as a team for a common good, to promote tourism as an important economic activity, of which everyone, both its partners and the city from Puerto Natales, they could take advantage of it.


The Chamber of Tourism of Último Esperanza is governed from its inception by statutes, which are used in case of wanting to make a change within the association, or when making decisions.




Cámara de Turismo          Última Esperanza A.G.

Fundada el  25 de Agosto de 1989

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